Palio Arhontiko – Kolymbari

Hello dear readers – long time no see – long time no BBC – like the old joke says. Anyway! I have quite an unique honour and responsibility to write this post in English. To brief you shortly, I had a fantastic holiday in Kolymbari – a small village located in Crete – just a couple weeks ago. There I had the most delicious supper in a local restaurant called Palio Arhontiko. After the dinnerI felt that I have to write about the restaurant to let all the people know where to visit when having a holiday in Crete!

After we booked the trip to crete I was googling common information about Kolymbari. I spotted Palio Arhontiko in TripAdvisor and did some research about the place. After reading all the information I could have, I decided to visit the restaurant as soon as possible.

Palio Arhontiko is located on the “coast avenue” in Kolymbari where one can find several different kinds of restaurants next by next. So we entered, took the seats and started to read the menu.



When we had concluded our orders the staff most kind served us some ice cold raki. I must admit that this kind of apéritif is always very welcome after a hot day before having the supper itself!

Some fresh bread and relish

Some fresh bread and relish

When I’m on holiday, I approve simplicity and that’s why it so very rare ordering starters to me. But! When having a holiday on Crete, some bread and relish is always served before the dinner and to be honest – if counting all the restaurants in Kolymbari – the most delicious ones were served in Palio Arhontiko!

IMG_4884 IMG_4886

Then the dinner itself! I can honestly tell you, that when I have a chance to eat “the fruits of the sea”, I will do so. This time I ordered some fresh, fried squid.

A nice portion of fried squid

A nice portion of fried squid

The squid was perfect! Absolutely the best fried one I have ever eaten! The batter was not too dominant so it was easy to enjoy the great and tasty, original flavour of the squid. I really recommend to taste this portion!

Chicken fillet

Chicken fillet

My girlfriend tried chicken fillets. And like she said – the portion was nicely balanced, all the flavours were in order and the combination was perfect!

Now I must apologise! The dusk comes very fast in Crete so my photos suffer a bit of the lack of quality. I’m so sorry.

IMG_4891 IMG_4893

After the main dish we ordered some dessert. I would have liked to try fruits of the season but they were run out of it. So instead of fruits we decided to tried a crumble apple pie and I ordered a proper Greek coffee. The apple pie was… well I can’t find words. It was so very sweet and delicious – yes indeed! And my greek coffee was nicely roasted, medium sweet and very authentic – made with care!


After the last course we were surprised by the host of the restaurant itself – and were served some sparkling! That’s what I call “a good service” so hard to find in Finland.

The host and the hostess

The host and the hostess

Before we left the restaurant I asked the host for a photo. He agreed but had one condition – to be photographed wit his wife, who was the soul of the kitchen and behind all the delicious food.

So my dear readers. If you are planning to have a holiday in Crete, I suggest you to head to Kolymbari. And when you get there, please visit this marvellous restaurant!

And now I’m so happy that I managed to write this post in (clumsy) English!

Thank you and see you soon!



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